Hydrogen Test Facility for Custody Transfer Flowmeters

Key Features

  • Certified by PTB Germany

  • World ‘s first calibration test facility for Hydrogen

  • Flowmeter type: Rotary, Turbine & Ultrasonic

  • Calibration medium: Hydrogen

  • Minimum Flowrate: 5m³/h

  • Maximum Flowrate: 6.5 m³/h

  • Minimum Pressure: 8 bar

  • Maximum Pressure: 51 bar

  • Nominal sizes: DN50 – DN300

  • Measurement uncertainty for the calibration value of a test item: 0.2 – 0.3%

Facility Images

Hydrogen Compatibility Equipment

Together with the SGS TÜV Saar, RMA has developed a test program on the basis of which the Ball Valves listed below were tested for 100% hydrogen use:
  • House Connections rigid and flexible 
  • Steel Ball Valve type HKSF-W (PMSS) 
  • Steel Ball Valve type HKSF (soft sealing) 
  • PE Ball Valve 
  • Insulating couplings type IK / IKL / ET 
  • Rotary Gate Valves 
  • Gate Valves

Key Features

  • Products tested for H2 suitability

  • TÜV-approved test procedures

Test Procedures Included

  • Material tests

  • Non-destructive tests

  • Preliminary test with water and air (EN 14141)

  • External and internal tightness, tests with 100% hydrogen

  • (based on TA-Luft (ISO 15848) – EN 14141)

  • Long-term swelling tests with 100% hydrogen

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Download Your Copy of
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