Support Services to Maintain Compliance and Validation Requirements

Maintenance, Validation & Calibration Services

Safeguarding Your Assets and Operations

Our highly trained technicians have considerable experience conducting complete maintenance checks to help you mitigate risks, minimize downtime and reduce costs. We offer a wide array of quality compliance audits, validation solutions and calibration services.

Maintenance, Validation & Calibration Services

Beyond just reactive maintenance services, we provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure the most optimal lifecycle of your systems.

Key Features

  • 24-hour standby support

  • Preventative maintenance program

  • Adhoc on-site troubleshooting

  • Instrumentation validation services

  • Instrumentation and equipment calibration services

High-Pressure Wet Calibration Lab for Custody Transfer Gas Flowmeter

Key Features

  • Certified by PTB Germany

  • Flowmeter type: Rotary, Turbine, Vortex, Ultrasonic

  • Calibration Medium: Natural Gas

  • Pressure: Adjustable up to 51 Bara

  • Flow rate: Up to 13,000 m3/h

  • Diameter: Up to DN500

  • Rating: ANSI 150 to 600

  • 2 test lines, 11.5 m

  • Design and fabricate upstream and downstream straight pipe

  • Repair services for flowmeters

Download Your Copy of
CC1: Product Range and Service Capabilities

Download Your Copy of
CC1: Product Range and Service Capabilities

ISO 9001:2015 Certification is ready for Download

CC1: Product Range and Service Capabilities is ready for Download