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Natural Gas Conditioning Skid Packages

The Packages We Offer

Designed for your specific business needs.

Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Launcher & Receiver Skid

During pigging operations, the PIG will be launched or received by the PIG launcher or receiver. Our PIG launcher/receiver is designed mechanically with the latest edition of ASME SEC VIII Div 1, U Stamp and features a quick opening enclosure (QOC).

The QOC comes with a mechanical safety interlock to prevent accidental opening when the PIG launcher or receiver is pressurized. We provide PIG signallers with a limit switch for remote monitoring PIG arrival to PIG receiver. Furthermore, we also supply bi-directional PIG traps which both launch and receive PIGs.

Key Features

  • Design Type: Launcher, Receiver

  • Skid or field mounted

  • Size: Up to 70”, ANSI 2500

  • Bi-directional design for launching and receiving operations

  • Suitable for Standard or Intelligence PIG

  • Built-in Safety Device and Interlocking System

  • Equipped with Quick Opening Closure, PIG Signaller and Instrumentation

  • Optional: Jib Crane/PIG Tray System

Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

The inlet ESD valve is designed to provide the automatic isolation of downstream facilities in the pipeline system in the event of an emergency. Ball valve with failed close, spring return pneumatic actuator is considered in the design for remote operation and automatic shutdown.

Other types of actuators are available, such as electric motorized, gas over oil and more. We also provide the PLC-based Emergency Shutdown System Panel with Redundant CPU (SIL-3 rated), fault-tolerant and fail-safe system to perform the shutdown logic.

Key Features

  • Custom design as per customer’s specifications and requirements

  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electric Actuator

  • Redundant Solenoid Valve System

  • Online diagnostics with partial stroke test

  • Compliant with Hazardous Area Classification

  • Quick Shut Down

  • High redundancy design

  • SIL compliant

Custody Transfer or Allocation Metering System

The gas/LNG metering streams can be configured in multiple operating and standby configurations. For accurate flow measurement, we offer various types of flow meters, including ultrasonic, Coriolis, turbine and orifice flow meters.

We also offer meter calibration at a certified flow laboratory at RMA’s Germany facility. Moreover, we supply a gas chromatograph/analyzer system for representative sampling and measurement of gas/LNG composition.

Key Features

  • Applicable for all types of gas and cryogenic application (LNG)

  • Skid or field mounted

  • Flowmeter type: Orifice, Turbine, USM, Coriolis

  • Analytical package: GC, Moisture Analyzer, Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer and H2S

  • Custody/Fiscal precision: ± 0.35%

  • Compliance with AGA 3, 7, 9

  • Field/Safe Area mounted Flow computer system with SCADA

Pressure Regulating System

We can offer a pressure regulating system in multiple configurations (1x 100%, 2 x 100%, 2 x 50%, 3 x 50%, etc.) Each stream is equipped with a pressure control valve/active pressure regulator/monitor pressure regulator and slam shut valve. We also supply a pressure transmitter that provides feedback on downstream pressure reading to pressure controller logic.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted

  • Direct/Pilot Operating

  • Pressure Regulator/Control Valve and Slam Shut Valve: Up to 20” ANSI 1500

  • Design Configuration: Active, Monitor and Slam Shut

  • Self-regulating pressure control

  • Integrated pressure & flow control

  • Remote control system

  • SIL compliant

High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

We offer HIPPS for the protection of downstream facilities from overpressure. If the pressure reading from 2oo3 pressure transmitters at the HIPPS skid is above the set point, the HIPPS will activate the closure of two HIPPS valves to cut the gas supply downstream. For HIPPS, we provide the SIL-3 rated process safety system.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted

  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic operated actuator

  • Partial stroke test

  • 2oo3 configuration

  • 2×100% redundant fault-tolerant PLC control system

  • SIL 3 compliant

  • Design according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511

Filter/Separator Skid

The Gas Filter/Separator Skid is designed to remove solid and liquid particles from the gas stream. Our expert teams have the capability to design various operations and standby configurations.

Depending on your filtration needs, vertical or horizontal pressure vessels with filtration cartridges/cyclone/vane/baffle plate can be installed. Quick Opening Closure (QOC) is considered for one man and swift opening/closure of access door to the pressure vessel.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted, vertical/horizontal design

  • To remove solid and/or liquid particles

  • Multi-stage filtration

  • Filtration Technology such as Vane Pack, Cyclone or Filter Cartridge

  • Low pressure drop, 0.1 Bar

  • Equipped with Quick Opening Closure

  • ASME Section VIII and U Stamp compliant

  • High Separation Efficiency

  • - Liquid (100% for >3 micron) & (99.7% for >0.3 micron)

  • - Solid (100% for >3micron) & (99.5% for 0.5 to 3 micron)

Gas Mixing System

We provide gas mixing systems that enable the mixing of various sources of gas before it reaches the common supply header to gas consumers. A static gas mixer in the gas mixing system, comprising a flow control valve at one gas mixing line and a pressure control valve at the other, ensures homogenous gas blending.

Each gas source in the gas mixing lines has a bypass line complete with actuated isolation valves for remote changeover between gas mixing operations and single-stream operations.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted

  • ASME Section VIII and U Stamp compliant

  • Static Gas Mixer

  • Multiple gas stream mixing with auto switch over

  • Gas mixing ratio control

  • Equipped with a control valve for high precision gas mixing

Indirect Heater

Our indirect heater has its own forced/natural draft burner and Burner Management System (BMS). The Indirect Heater can be designed with a water/oil/glycol mixture in the bath. Plus, we can supply pressurized shells as an alternative.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted

  • API 12k compliance

  • Water/Oil/Pressurized Bath design

  • Natural/Force draft Burner System

  • Natural Gas as fuel

  • High Combustion Efficiency

  • Self-operated (suitable for unmanned stations) and stand-alone PLC-based control system

  • Heating capacity from 50,000 to 10,000,000 kcal/hr

  • General Purpose and Ex-Proof Control System

  • Low Maintenance, Safe & Proven System

Gas Compression Skid

We offer reliable centrifugal/reciprocating/screw compressor types that can be integrated with an electric/gas engine/diesel engine as the driver. A PLC-based control system is supplied for safe operation and efficient control of the compressor system and a vibration monitoring system.

Key Features

  • Skid-mounted

  • Reciprocating, Screw & Centrifugal Compressor Type

  • Gas boosting >100 bar

  • Powered by electric motor, gas or diesel engine

  • Lube and Non-Lube system

  • Gas, Lube Oil & Water Cooling System

  • Vibration & Torsional Analysis

  • Vibration Monitoring System

  • Pulsation Study

  • Noise Protection System

  • API compliant

Integrated Filtration, Metering, Pressure Regulating & Direct Heating

Key Features

  • Design type:

  • - Metering + Pressure Regulating System (MPRS)

  • - Filter + Metering + Pressure Regulating (FMPRS)

  • - Filter + Metering + Direct Heater + Pressure Regulating (FMHPRS)

  • Compact Design for limited space

  • Easy installation

  • Optional with weatherproof cabinet

Download Your Copy of
CC2: Design & Build of Natural Gas Conditioning Skid and Specialized Integrated Systems

Download Your Copy of
CC2: Design & Build of Natural Gas Conditioning Skid and Specialized Integrated Systems

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CC2: Design & Build of Natural Gas Conditioning Skid and Specialized Integrated Systems is ready for Download